We invite you to come along to celebrate the 23rd anniversary of the Bundeena Maianbar Art of Living Festival. This festival highlights our community's talents, diversity, values and spirit. Ours is a unique community full of creative people. This year especially, there will be something at this Festival to please everyone. 

The main Festival day is Sunday 30th September 2018, with all-day entertainment showcasing our local artists, musicians and writers.

The setting is Bundeena Oval, Liverpool St in Bundeena, nestled in the midst of the Royal National Park.

Getting To The Festival

Friday 27th September, Art Exhibition Opening Night - Bundeena Community Centre

The Opening Night of the 2017 Art Of Living Art Exhibition will be held in the Bundeena Community Centre starting at 7:30pm. Refreshments served - $20 entry. Many internationally recognised local artists will be exhibiting, please come and join us. The Art Exhibition will also open all day Saturday and Sunday.  For details and more information, click here

Our feature artists for 2018 will be soon announced.

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Saturday 29th September, Village Fair - Bundeena Oval 

The Village Fair is on again, with lots of activities for locals of Bundeena and Maianbar. Check out the Village Fair menu above for more info.

Don't forget to come and visit the Great Afternoon Tea on Saturday afternoon at the Community Centre, where you can purchase a locally handmade cup for $15, sample local baked goods and tea donated by T2.

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Sunday 30th September, Festival Day - Bundeena Oval & Community Centre

On Sunday 30th Septmber the Festival really rocks. From 10am till 4pm you'll be entertained by a great line-up of local bands performing varied styles of music. Bring a rug and picnic or buy a feast from the many Food & Market Stalls. There'll be rides for the kids and grafitti art painting.

Make sure to check out the lineup for Sunday's entertainment here and don't forget to purchase tickets in our 2018 Raffle.


What a perfect weekend for the whole family!

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